Two Eyed Jack AQHA
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Stallion Show Record
Superior Halter, '64 O
AQHA Champion, '64 O
ROM Performance, '64 O
Performance Point Earner
Halter Point Earner
Hall of Fame, '96 AQHA Inductee

Total Points Earned: 282.5
Halter Points: 217, Perf Points: 65.5

Offspring Record
Total Points Earned: 37,035; Reg Foals: 1,416; Number Shown: 563; Point Earners: 496; Halter Points Earned: 15,698.5; Halter Point Earners: 454; Halter Superior Awards: 74; Performance Points Earned: 21,336.5; Performance Point Earners: 577; Performance ROMS: 314; Performance Superior Awards: 102; Supreme Champions: 3; AQHA Champions: 149; Total Superior Awards: 176; Total ROM's: 314; Total World Championships: 23; Total Res World Championships: 10; High Point Wins: 13;

The late and great Two Eyed Jack.
Two Eyed Jack is inarguably one of the greatest quarter horse sires there has ever been. There were 17 crops of his sons and daughters and they set unprecedented records for beauty and performance. Jack sired 1,416 registered QH foals. Included were 119 AQHA Champions, making him by far the number one AQHA Champion sire.  No other sire has even come close. Also included are 3 Supreme Champions, 30 Youth Champions, and 21 World Champions. Four Hundred fifty four (454) of Jack's sons and daughters have won Halter Points (totalling 15,698.5 points) in AQHA sanctioned shows with 74 Superior Halter Awards won among them. Not only were Jack's offspring pretty horses, but they could perform with the best of them. Five Hundred seventy seven (577) of his progeny won performance points in AQHA sanctioned shows earning a total of 21,336.5 points. There were 314 Performance Registers of Merit (ROM's), 102 Superior Performance Awards, and 1 Superhorse awarded {Vickie Lee Pine, 1974 mare (Two Eyed Jack X Poco Coed [by Poco Pine])} Will any sire ever match Jack's record as a sire?
Stallion Offspring Record
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Supreme Champion Offspring
Superior Halter Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
AQHA Champion Offspring
All-time leading sire of  Open AQHA Champions with 119.
The #2 sire of  Open AQHA champions is Poco Pine with 39.